I’m back – and headed into a new direction

It’s been almost 2 ½ years since I last posted on this blog. Since then, much has happened, and today I would like to give you a short overview of what that was, and what’s coming next – for me, and for this website.


As my longtime readers and followers will know, I spent about 4 years discussing transmedia and many related trends and developments on this blog. It was a very exciting time, especially as I simultaneously began to consult on transmedia projects, met and discussed with many other transmedia-aficionados at conferences, meetups, and in online groups, and pursued passion projects such as the Mauerschau app and the New Media Culture book.


However, all of this time, my overall passion had always been digitalisation. I was and still am focused on how it affects individuals, societies, companies, and the habits and practices that shape our existence – from the way we think, communicate, and build relationships, to the way we drive political change, and the way we consume.


As a new form of storytelling facilitated by digitalisation’s new media, transmedia was therefore only one new development I decided to focus on. As time went on, though, my main attention and interest shifted towards businesses, and digitalisation’s impact on them. My day job in digital marketing at a cosmetics company played a major role in that, to the point that I wanted to learn more about Business Administration itself to be able to even better apply my digital knowledge in a wider and strategic business context.


Which brings me to today: After completing my MBA at HEC Paris at the end of 2017, my current goal is to  work at a medium-sized enterprise in Germany and to help develop the digitalisation strategy for its business.


This means that from now on, this blog will be active again, but will focus on digitalisation in business rather than transmedia, and that new posts will be in German rather than English.


I thank all of you who have accompanied me from the start, or who I have met along the way of my transmedia journey. Our discussions and your many projects have been inspiring and incredibly insightful, and I will continue to follow you and the transmedia world. I wish you all the very best, and I am always happy to connect with you either here or on my social media (Twitter | LinkedIn | Xing).



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