A Special Late-Night-Show

Introducing Our “New Media Culture” Book (in English)


Back in May I proudly presented one of my latest works to you: The book New Media Culture: Phänomene der Netzkultur, edited by Christian Stiegler, Patrick Breitenbach and Thomas Zorbach, to which I contributed chapters on participatory culture and ultra-fandom (the latter in collaboration with Thomas Zorbach).

Unfortunately, the book is only available in German at the moment, but thanks to a special kind of book launch, English-speaking audiences now also have the opportunity to experience some of the book’s highlights via a late-night show presented by Marcus John Henry Brown.


You can watch the entire New Media Culture Late Night Show here (our section on ultra-fandom begins at 18:45 mins):




Enjoy! And remember, if you would like to buy the book, you can do so via the publisher’s online shop or on Amazon, where you can get both hard copies and the e-book version.




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