New Media Culture (May 2015)

NEWS: Publication “New Media Culture”

New Media Culture (May 2015)


I’m very happy to be able to share  one of my latest projects with you today:


Two chapters in the newly published academic book New Media Culture: Mediale Phänomene der Netzkultur, edited by Christian Stiegler, Patrick Breitenbach, and Thomas Zorbach.

New Media Culture is an introductory book on the developments, trends and socio-cultural changes brought about by new media, and it is primarily meant for class-room and lecture environments. It’s also a great book to browse through and to reflect on what’s happening in our new media fuelled world.


My contribution to this book consists of two chapters:

  • “Partizipative Kultur: Implikationen für Gesellschaft, Politik und Medien” (Participatory Culture’s Effects on Society, Politics, and Media)
  • “Ultra-Fandom: Mediale Implikationen des Fan-Daseins” (Ultra-Fandom: Consequences of Being a Fan With Regards to Media)


I also edited and translated Prof. Henry Jenkins’ chapter “Transmedia Storytelling: Die Herrschaft des Mutterschiffes” (The Reign of the “Mothership” Transmedia’s Past, Present, and Possible Futures).


At the moment, New Media Culture is only available in German. If you do happen to understand German, you should definitely head over to the book’s official website for a detailed description and excerpts. If you would like to buy the book, you can do so via the publisher’s online shop or on Amazon, where you can get both hard copies and the e-book version.





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