Crucial Trends to Keep in Mind

Looking at mine and others’ re-caps of the recent conferences, it occurred to me that a LOT of ground had been covered – almost too much to make sense of, at least through simple reading. In order to make things a bit easier, I’m going to summarize the main trends and themes that were not only a) repeatedly mentioned at the recent conferences, but are also b) extremely crucial for transmedia, and for this point in time. Continue reading “Crucial Trends to Keep in Mind”

StoryWorld 2011 in San Francisco: Day 3

DAY 3:

Talk: Story Architecture – Crafting Transmedia Design

Siobhan O’Flynn, Karine Halpern with Scott Walker

  • How to lead audiences across different platforms is still a challenge of transmedia, and it is a crucial question for experience design.
  • Stories are so popular because they communicate experiences and emotions.
  • Design principles for transmedia stories:
  • Non-linear spatial storytelling – whilst keeping the coherent and cohesive.
  • Break the 4th wall: augmented reality. Transmedia offers tremendous opportunities for individuals to enhance their own experience of the story, to play with the content on their own terms. Continue reading “StoryWorld 2011 in San Francisco: Day 3”

StoryWorld 2011 in San Francisco: Day 2


DAY 2 – Morning


Talk: It all started with a Mouse – Orrin Shively (Disney)

in conversation with Alison Norrington

  • Mickey’s 10 commandments (by Marty Sklar):
  1. Know your audience.
  2. Wear your guests’ shoes.
  3. Organize the flow of people and ideas.
  4. Create a weenie.
  5. Communicate with visual literacy. Continue reading “StoryWorld 2011 in San Francisco: Day 2”